Salt Systems

Please read AQUATIP 1 first. This picture shows four salt system cells on the market today. I am not recommending one brand over another. These four were loaned to me by a local Professional Pool Supply Store for this picture. By my counting, approximately 15 companies make salt systems. That is how popular they are. The salt system at my house was selected for me by my pool builder.
If you are considering the purchase or replacement of an existing system, I recommend an internet or other type of research. They all have one feature or another that makes them more or less desirable. When it is time for me to replace my salt system I probably will look at the warranty and company reputation first, and features second.

My current salt system has a full three year warranty and a partial warranty to five years. During my warranty, the cell has been replaced (under the partial warranty period) and the Control Panel failed (under the full warranty) after a lightening strike. As for the cell, I think this is typical. My guess is, almost all cells will need to be replaced after three, four or five