Check pH Level in Pool

Please read AQUATIP 1 first. All pools must have the correct pH level in the pool water. However, and this is a big however, salt systems WILL raise the pH level in your pool every minute they are turned on. In my pool, I rarely measure the pH level anymore because I know it only goes up with my salt system. I routinely (about once a month) add muriatic acid to my pool without knowing the exact pH level (I just know after years using a salt system, the pH is going up).

Two common methods to measure pH levels are test strips and the Test Kit method shown here. As a backup, and to confirm you are on track with the test method you have chosen, I suggest taking a sample of your pool water to a Professional Pool Supply store for pH analysis. Some newer models of salt systems monitor and adjust pH automatically. I do not have this equipment at my house therefore I have no experience with them.

So what’s all the fuss about pH anyway? Well, just by having a salt system , your pH level will go up. As this occurs, a thin layer of minerals start to coat the metal plates in your salt system. Unchecked by adding acid, the coating layer thickens. This quickly results in the salt system not working and your pool quickly turning into your worst nightmare because your spouse, your children, your in-laws, your friends and or neighbors will loose faith in your brilliance and life becomes unpleasant. You will think it is a defective salt system. You will doubt yourself for installing the salt system. Trust me, I’ve been there (about five years ago before I knew these tips).