Add AQUASALT to Pool

Please read AQUATIP 1 first. After you test your salt level and if you need to add more salt, I recommend the highest purity salt, aka Evaporated Food Grade Salt. AQUASALT is 100% made in a Food Grade Salt Plant. This is not Rock Salt or Solar Salt. Both of these types of salt have a much higher level of impurities. If before you add the salt you notice some clumpiness in the bag, this will in no way diminish the salts effectiveness. The AQUASALT bag to the left has an easy tear-away corner to help with opening and pouring. To speed up the dissolving process, spread the salt around the bottom of the pool and brush the salt until it fully dissolves.

Be sure not to add more than is required for your salt system. Most salt systems operate in a specific ppm range. If you add too much salt, the only way I know to bring the salt level down is by draining the pool water until you reach the correct ppm. Not enough salt and the salt system will not come on. AQUASALT is not available in Big Box stores. And according to people who tell me about shopping at the Big Box stores, do not expect any help with pool water chemistry questions or expect other pool supplies you might need as well.

Email or call us and we will find the closest AQUASALT store for you. We also private label our Evaporated Food Grade Salt and one of these private label stores may be close to you.