Read the Owners Manual Before Turning on the Salt System

All salt systems, a.k.a. chlorine generators, are sold with an owner’s manual. Most owners manuals are also available on the salt system manufacturer’s website. Having a salt system is not the same as adding chlorine to your pool. The owner’s manual will contain some “new” methods for maintaining pool water chemistry. Please read the remaining AQUATIPS for guidance on how to master this method of pool water chemistry. However, have no fear, just as a riding a bike for all of us was a step up from walking, once you understand and follow a few basic steps, owning a pool with a salt system will be a breeze. Please though, take the time to read your owners manual and follow the guidance and recommendations. You will be rewarded and pleased by the results.

FYI, AQUATIPS were written by a pool owner like you. My salt system was installed in early 2005. If you have questions or feedback on these tips, please contact me at

These are tips only. And you guessed it, when my salt system was installed, I skimmed over the important recommendations in my owners manual. As a result, in about a month, the cell quit working and algae was all over my pool. THAN I read the owners manual in detail and found out how simple it is to maintain a pool with a salt system. Now I love it. Salt systems are great! If you feel more comfortable using a Pool Service Tech to maintain your pool, life for you will be that much better. They can be found by contacting your local Pool Supply Store or through various advertising sources.