Cleaning the Salt System Generator Cell

Please read AQUATIP 1 first. This part of owning a salt system swimming pool is new to all of us. However it is just as important as any of the steps to having a salt system. Luckily this step is easy and requires little time. Most Professional Service Technicians I have talked to do one of the following; either they place the salt system cell in a plastic bucket with water and acid or they place a plastic cap on the bottom of the cell and pour the water/acid mixture in the other end.

I like the bucket method. I use a five gallon bucket. I start with four gallons of pool water and add a gallon of muriatic acid (very carefully). I place the cell into the bucket and watch the calcium scale “burn” off the metal plates in the cell. Once the job is done (4- 5 minutes), I remove the cell, rinse it in the pool and place the cell back in service. Next I pour the bucket full of water and acid into the pool because my pool needs the acid anyway. At my house, I clean my cell after every three months of use.